Francesca Mondo


Francesca Mondo is a performance artist.

From TresorSpace: Baltimore may be on this earth, but it's also in space! Frankie Mondo is a graffiti artist living in the Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore, and came over to Tresor Space to create her piece, Baltimore in Space featuring several features of the Baltimore skyline: Boh, Domino Sugar, and the rave-like, epilepsy-inducing Maryland flag.

Fall 2016

Earth Treks Timonium Problem of the Week Cannonball V6, Setters: BK, Mikey, OMB, Climbers: Matt Bosley and Brian Kramer
Shot on a Canos EOS, edited in Adobe Premiere Pro

Winter 2018

#9 is the product of my Science/Spirituality project for ART 212 at Towson University. The video is a time lapse of me laying on the ground for nine hours.
Spring 2017

E.V.O.O is the product of my Identity/ Body project for ART 212 at Towson University. I sat in a tailor style position and sprayed two full Montana spray cans up into the air I was breathing until the cans ran out of paint.
Spring 2017